Bol, Brac – excursions and nearby destinations


Riviera Bol offers many opportunities for excursions, be it on the island of Brac , on the island of Hvar or on the mainland. Whether we are talking about the desire to change the environment, the beach, or if you simply wish to experience something new or explore the unexplored island of Brac and its immediate surrounding area offer something for everyone. Most settlements on the island, during the summer, offer rental boats or offer boat trips.  We will suggest some of the options of settlements and   beaches we think you should visit and experience.

Murvica - 4 kilometres away from Bol, interesting for its Dragon cave – Zmajeva spilja. The cave is 300 m below Vidova gora and represents a unique monument of cave monastery life. From Murvica a pathway leads to the cave and it will only take you about 50-minutes to reach the location. After that you can stroll down to the popular sandy beach in Murvica and enjoy its beauty.

Sumartin - 20 minutes away from Bol by car. A place for all history lovers. When there, we recommend visiting the Franciscan monastery and church of St..Martin, that dominate the settlement, and then go for a swim in one of the coves in the vicinity. 

Pucisca - be sure to take the time for a half day excursion to Pucisca, 30 minutes away from Bol by car and visit the “Museum of stone” at the stone-carving school in Pucisca. The school has a 100-year long tradition, and it is pride of the settlement, of the island and whole Croatia. Because of the nearby white-yellow deposits of limestone, a long tradition of stone masonry exists in the settlement. Since it was the main industry of Pucisca and the surrounding region, a stone-masonry school was a logical step. Every Thursday in the evening hours from 20:00 to 22:00, you can take a look at the exhibition space within the school and see the rich array of student work. For more information about the school, click here.

Selca - a small resort only 25 minutes of driving away from Bol. Ideal for a half day excursion to the pastoral villages near the resort. While in Selca it is also worth visiting the Church of Christ the King also called the Stone Beauty and the statue of the Sacred Heart, the work of the renowned sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.


Skrip - the oldest settlement on the island. When you visit the Island Heritage Museum you will have an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with the history of Brac, which is rich in various cultural influences embedded throughout the centuries. Click here for more information.

Postira - is about 35minutes of driving away from Bol. In this little settlement you can visit the church of St. John the Baptist, or more down to the east, just 4 kilometres away you can relax in the sandy bay Lovrecina. This popular resort, tucked deep into the continent and hidden by pine trees is decorated with poplars and is extremely visited. It is a place for rest, recreation and socializing. In addition to the sandy beach, visitors can enjoy the bowling alley or have a tasty dish or local specialty in one of the restaurants and afterwards have a drink in one of the beach bars.

Nerezisca - 25 minutes away from Bol this settlement is a former administrative and commercial centre of the island and is full of beautiful buildings, some of which we suggest you see: the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, The repository of valuable works of art.

Vidova Gora – is the highest peak on the island, 778 m high. To reach it you will have to drive for 20 min from Bol, but it will be worth your while since it offers a beautiful panoramic view on the town , beach Zlatni rat and nearby islands. It is a place where all visitors love to take pictures because the view is breathtaking.


Desert Blaca – originates from the 16th century and represents the most original ethnological curiosity on the island. It is a fabulous set of interconnected buildings that make a beautifully designed and functional system. The desert has been abandoned and turned into a museum and can be accessed by road or by sea. If you use the highways, it will take about 30 minutes of your time and after you park your car another  30 minutes more of walking down a gravely road. If you arrive by sea, the ride will take about 20 minutes, and the hike 20 minutes more.


Supetar - 35 km away from Bol. Being the largest settlement on the island it offers a rich day/night life, where you can enjoy excellent cuisine, cultural and entertainment facilities.


Sutivan - about 40 km away from Bol. Its historical core is a protected monument so we recommend a day long sightseeing trip with your family.


Milna - is about an hour and fifteen minutes away by car from Bol and what makes it so special is the beautiful baroque architecture. It is also known for its marina that lies in a natural bay. The bay is bifurcating into two sleeves, Zalo and Pantera providing natural protection for sailors.


The island of Hvar - organized boat trips to the island of Hvar are common in all major towns on the island during the summer months. From Bol organized day trips to the island are being offered to Jelsa and Vrboska (30 min) and the settlement of Hvar and its famous beach Palmizana (1 h). We recommend you also go to Devils islands/Pakleni otoci, especially to the mentioned beach Palmizana that is widely known for its unique natural beauty and beautiful sandy beaches.