Beaches in Bol and other settlements on Brac

Riviera Bol has many beautiful sandy beaches created by blending of travertine and sea. A thousand years old relationship has resulted in beautifully shaped pebble beaches, which are considered to be the most beautiful on the Adriatic. The most popular beach is Zlatni Rat in Bol, although the choice of beaches is diverse and large. Depending on your mood, you can opt for the nearby city beach or escape to one of the more isolated bays by car, boat, and bike or simply by taking a stroll.

ZLATNI RAT - hidden beneath Vidova Gora this beautiful pebble beach is breathtaking. With its entire length of about 600 meters the beach cuts perpendicular into the shore, into the Brac - Hvar channel, which makes this beach one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. The knowledge that the upper part of the beach changes shape and length depending on the wind that beats its coast is astonishing. The gravely beach is studded with pine trees that offer many attractions for all ages. The choice is yours, if you want to enjoy the sun you can rent beach chairs and parasols to rest with an easy read, or if you love to spend time actively you can rent paddle boats, ride on a banana try water skiing ... If you are attracted to surfing, kiting, diving you can go on courses that are offered at several locations along the beach. When you long for a rest, you are just a few steps away from the deep pine shade that shelters various restaurants, cocktail bars, bars, pastry shops and souvenir shops where you can take a rest and relax.


CITY BEACHES BOL -  sandy beaches stretch along the entire settlement, and they are the most popular among local residents. Paklina beach is a gravely beach located in the eastern part of town, and is one of the most popular beaches in Bol. Most of the city beaches are surrounded by beach bars and restaurants that provide an ideal summer feel with cocktails for relaxation and fun.

MURVICA – Murvica bay is located 4 km away from Bol and is very popular among local and foreign tourists. This gravely beach resembles the shape of a crescent moon and provides good protection from the wind. It can be divided into two parts. One part is protected by a pine forest and provides natural shade, and is a favorite among parents with children. The second part of the beach is fully exposed to the sun and is ideal for sunbathing. When you get tired of the beach, you can hop over to the nearby beach bar and enjoy the shade by sipping on a cold beverage.



VELA FARSKA – a gravely beach situated beneath a settlement of the same name. This is a wonderful boomerang shaped beach with crystal clear sea ideal for relaxation, fishing and scuba diving.


SMRCEVA LUKA - The beach is located on the southern part of the island hidden in the bottom of a bay. Its beautiful intimate ambiance will surely delight you. Only 10 km away from Bol, the best way to reach this beach is by boat, so it is popular among yachtsmen.

MJESTO PLAZA – located between settlements Vela Farska and Milna this little settlement with only 10 weekend houses is adorned with a gravely beach which makes it an ideal place for a one day boat excursion.

PLAZA – another gravely beach between Bol and Sumartin hidden in a cove. It is only 30 min away from Bol by boat, and this is the only way you can access the beach. If you wish to be alone and enjoy some solitude than this is the beach for you.

SUMARTIN - easternmost town on the island of Brac abounds in sandy and rocky bays (Rasotica, Zukovik, Radovnja, Studena, Zvirje and Spilice) which can be reached in just twenty minutes of walking in any direction.



PUCISCA - considering the long bay around which the settlement developed, beaches in the village are mostly stone and concrete, while the bay which is located outside of town is rich with pebbled and rocky coves hidden in pine forests.


POVLJA - intimate atmosphere of the settlement is complemented by the intimate and rocky beaches ten minutes from the resort, guaranteeing you the best place to watch the sunset on the island of Brac. A popular beach Ticja luka is located in the vicinity of the settlement

as well as the beach Ratac


SELCA - given the fact that the settlement Selca are not by the sea, the villages Puntinak and Ruzmarin present a natural expansion of Selca towards the sea, and are located around the beach Zirje, Spilice and Radonja that are mostly rocky and sandy in form.