Donji Humac, Croatia - holiday information

Donji Humac Brac, Croatia – visitor information

Donji Humac is one of the oldest places on the island, and has the appearance as if time had stopped. Located at the edge of a small grove with a wide view on some of the most fertile parts of the island the settlement is covered with olive trees and grape vines. Humac is an idyllic small town of tradition and rural architecture. The tradition of stone masonry is still spread across the settlement and most of today's inhabitants live exclusively from stone. Donji Humac is located about 7 km south from Supetar and 2 km from Nerežišće. A pleasant walk down a goat path can get you to interesting places, such as cave Kopačina. In the cave traces of prehistoric man were found, and the cave itself is 12 m deep and consists of two rooms. As for gourmets among you we definitely recommend tavern Kopačina located in the city centre with excellent traditional cuisine. For more look here. If you prefer a serene vacation and waking up with the birds singing, then Donji Humac is the destination for you.

Donji Humac – basic information

Donji Humac – population: 200, Donji Humac - day/ saint: saint : Sv. Ane, 26.07.

Distance from bigger centres

Donji Humac- Split: 25km, Donji Humac - Pula: 545km, Donji Humac - Rijeka: 439km, Donji Humac - Zadar: 183km, Donji Humac - Šibenik: 113km, Donji Humac - Dubrovnik: 197km, Donji Humac - Zagreb: 436km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments

Gastronomic offer

traditional croatian taverns

Donji Humac – why choose this destination

peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, place rich with cultural and histirical monuments